Fuck Yeah, Dave Keuning!

I’m pretty psyched about the “Losing Touch” solo, largely because the other band members reacted so positively to it. I did that solo on a practice take running through a DigiTech Whammy pedal and the other guys said, “That’s it! That’s the one. You are not redoing it.” I did have to go back and relearn it to play it live, though.

– Dave Keuning

"Forget about cruising down Las Vegas Boulevard.

The hippest thing about hanging out with Dave Keuning was the fact that throughout our entire interview his guitar never left his hands as he either subconsciously ran scales by rote while ruminating on an answer, or actively demonstrated the finer points of his compositional approach.”

-Guitar Player Magazine

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Short-fused… LOL.


I wanna get you home
And UH, double up UH UH
I aint talkin bout playboy
Cuz silicone parts were made for toys



Hello. This is David Brent Keuning and this is why he is better then you.

Why or how could you hate him. He’s the guitarist for the fucking Killers. He to The Killers is what Steve Jobs is to Mac. He started the whole damn thing so you better give him respect.

To all you Brandon horn dogs out there: there would be no Killers without Dave so without him, you wouldn’t have Brandon so before you say you “hate him” you should shut your mouth and the next words that come out of your mouth should be “thank fucking god for Dave Keuning”

He can speak 2 different languages, English and Klingon. You might call him a nerd but you are all secretly jealous of his lauguage skills.

He has hair that’s bigger then the moon. End of story.

He has legs till tuesday, thighs till Wednesday, and buns that go on for miles. You can’t hate a man that has these qualities.

You may say he’s crazy for wanting to go to the moon, but I call him a dreamer. Besides he doesn’t really care if he goes to the moon, he just wants to see the earth from space. What’s so crazy about that? If given the chance wouldn’t YOU want to go to the moon?… Thought so.

So what if he likes the sauce (and by sauce I mean booze) but don’t most adults? Just because he is a rock star he gets bashed for drinking? How is that fair? It’s not.

Is there any proof that he sleeps around every night? No there is not. Just because he gets pictured with female fans doesn’t mean he’s a whore. Brandon gets pictured with female fans and everyones like “omg he is so nice to his fans, I love him” but when Dave does it it’s all “omg I bet he slept with her. What a slut, I hate him” Unless you, your friend , and your friends friend can say you slept with Dave on the same night then you can just go to hell and stop spreading rumors.

Dave loves everything, everything love…it’s just…all in one.

He brought the great saying “what is this shit” to the Twitter world.

He is like the Robert Plant that turned into the Robert Tree. Thats what he is.

If you have a jaw line like an eagle, eyes as piercing as ice, and a smile that can compete with dentists then you CANT be ugly. Dave has all of these things air go he’s not ugly.

You can’t really say you hate Dave because he would have to do something PERSONALLY to you for you to hate him. Hate is such a strong word and you’re a bitch.

Hello. This is David Brent Keuning. He’s here to rock your socks off. Infact, he’s so kick ass he can rock his own socks off. His socks has thread running everywhere. He’s sockless.

The end.

"The real mystery is Keuning.

There’s an ethereal quality to him. While the others saunter along the prom linked by tendrils of banter, Keuning can often seem distanced, like he’s been teleported in from the 70s complete with vevet jacket and Marc Bolan hair. On a warm September day, he is wearing thick winter gloves. Whiley asks him about them, expecting some playful banter. “My hands are cold,” he says with all the factual coldness of stephen hawkings voice box.

And yet, he’s not an objectionable sulk. He simply moves to a deeply private agenda. After Whiley’s interview, he makes his way to a fairground stall when he throws balls at a tower of bricks and wins a gigantic yellow bear for his one-year-old son Kyler. Later, he will have his palm read on the north pier by gypsy petulengro.”

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